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In chosen bars, there will be a Chivas kit of coaster-sized Art of Mixing templates for customers to use to create their own Chivas cocktail and a slightly Yayoi Kusama-inspired mini artwork.


To celebrate the Chivas 13 range, there will be 13 ingredients available with corresponding dot stickers. The customer chooses their Chivas 13, ingredients and a garnish as well as shaken vs. stirred, then hands it back to the bartender. 

Bars that take part in the campaign can be found on a map on The Art of Mixing microsite. The dots pop up as you search.


The cocktails would be at a fixed price, to simplify things, with everything provided at the bar.

Customers are encouraged to take a photo of their creation with their card and post on Instagram, using the hashtag #theartofmixing.

Further extensions of this could be artist collaborations, street art, animations, limited edition packaging and pop up bars at galleries such as Tate Modern.

Campaign – D&AD New Blood Shots

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